Steam Tile Infinite, Android Game App

A free Android puzzle game

Steam Tile Infinite is a free game app based on the idea of a mechanical Victorian style puzzle parlor game. The casual game is inspired by penny arcade games from the 1800s and early 1900s.
Players tap the round "arrow buttons" to slide whole rows of multicolored "picture tiles" and line up matches, achieve goals and earn "coins."

Each movement "costs" one virtual coin. When a row of between 3- 5 consecutive tiles match up, one or more coin is earned and the row of matching tiles disappears.

When the tiles disappear, they may be replaced by blank squares instead of new picture tiles.

Blank squares cannot be matched for coins. Instead, players may tap a a blank square, spending a turn to restore a row and column of tiles.

Players succeed by completing as many levels as possible before running out of coins!

Features are:
  • Free Android App 
  • Multiple Levels 
  • Innovative Game play 
  • Brain Puzzle Fun
  • Vintage Look and Appeal 
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