Thursday, December 31, 2015

Game Development Screenshots for New Tile Sliding Game: New Game Mechanics

Subtitle: "Another Tile Matching Game"

These are two *alpha* game development screenshots for a new tile sliding game, tentatively called “Steam Tile Infinite.” It is yet another match 3 tile (or more) game, and we are adding new game mechanics, based on how the tiles move, and the hint is in the word “infinite.”

The inspiration for the game is the idea of puzzle-box like old machine one might find in a penny arcade from the late 19th century to early 20th century.

We are also working on adding a progressive game-auction mechanic that is similar to board games to acquire power-ups and effects. The main idea for this matching game, while still having surprises, will allow more of a strategic and tactical game, with goals to reach and power-ups to help reach the goals. Small goals will help achieve the larger goal of finishing a level.

The development version of the game is currently a bit bright, and these pictures show only a rough draft. We are adding many types of tiles, more “Steam Punk” muted textures, more metal, and more old machinery sounds and sparks.

Oh, and there will be steam, lots and lots of steam.

There is quite a bit more to do, but the basic mechanics are coming along nicely. We are interested in sliding tile puzzle gameplay that has more chess-like moves, but still with surprises, and power-ups to zap many tile.

We'll post more on this later after we add additional game elements and new theming. Also we'll post a gameplay video after play testing and we have more visual effects.