Thursday, December 31, 2015

Alpha Screenshot of New Tile Matching Game - Steam Tile Infinite

And here is a fun alpha screenshot of our first or second or third game we'll publish, 

Stream Tile Infinite. Take a look:

Steam Tile Infinite Alpha Small Screenshot

We're using Unity3d and most of everything seen below is built via code rather than the Unity interface. We scrapped the handmade objects for tile idea as the effect was not as clean looking as we hoped, but we're starting to like how everything is shaping up.

Other than new tile creation, the matching effects are non-random, so the game can be played more strategically and tactically. The gear squares make parts of the board rotate, the eye and bulb tiles refresh empty squares (as shown by the switch - may not be final image used). The arrows make rows and columns slide in the indicated direction after a match. Effects chain into combos, if everything is lined up just right for big score and more coins. Coins can also be used to click on the grid and flip runs in the NSEW directions back to tiles.

The skull tiles are bad.

Each level has a different mix of types of tiles, and matching goals must be met on the right to advance to the next level and get more coins, where each coin represents one movement of a row or column.

We are pretty close to finishing a demo of this, and then we should launch a free version of the game with so many puzzle levels available. Will it be the Flappy Bird of tile matching games? In truth, no, no it will not.

Do we need a mustache tile? We're thinking it needs a mustache tile, and then compete for the title of "King of Mustache Games," yes.